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Become data-driven.

Powered By Insights transforms Data into Value


Customer Analytics

  • Personalization
    we will help you improve customer experience with data-driven marketing
  • Predictive analytics
    forecast demand with our machine learning algorithms and optimize your operations
  • Customer segmentation
    our mathematical models will help you discover new buyer personas, reduce customer churn and turn freeriders into paying customers

Business Strategy

  • Product design
    we will help you create data taxonomy, discover strong features and find new ways to monetize your data
  • Due diligence, SWOT and feasibility study
    utilize our expertise and find out whether your AI dream is doable and profitable
  • Advisory on digital transformation
    we provide guidance and assistance to companies that want to take advantage of machine learning and AI

IoT and Industry 4.0

  • Anomaly detection and quality control
    automate repetitive tasks and save your employees' time with the help of our machine learning skills
  • Predictive maintenance
    we create simulations and prototypes that help our clients detect failures before they happen
  • Automated planning and scheduling
    we will help you digitize your processes and optimize your resources


Powered by Insights will help you with the business analysis, engineering and research and prototype Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions


We discover possibilities
  • Business plan preparation
    we stay on top of the latest AI and machine learning trends and we will be happy to help you with your strategy
  • MVP design
    ensure your data-driven product works as expected with the help of our prototyping skills
  • Become part of our network
    we build long-lasting relationships and we help our partners to connect with the right people
  • Pricing
    We help start-ups as much as we can because we know they are essential for the worldwide innovation. That's why we provide up to 10 hours of initial consulting free of charge.

Investors and VCs

We provide answers
  • Is the product really unique?
    our SWOT analysis will help you spot data-driven start-ups that have a real competitive advantage and good product-market fit
  • Is this the right team?
    we will help you check the tech competencies of founders and if we find a hole, we will utilize our partnership network to fill it
  • Is it possible to create this?
    product flaws regarding data dependencies and usage of AI/ML are not easy to find unless you work with us
  • Pricing
    We offer a free trial - a brief analysis of your choice. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay us.

Established companies

We solve problems
  • Root cause analysis
    we will help you find patterns in data and identify the key features related to your problem
  • Research partnership
    if your in-house team struggles with mathematical modeling, we can bring a fresh perspective and speed up your innovation projects
  • Pilots and PoC
    our clients use our prototyping services to create simulations and to test a variety of scenarios related to AI-driven automation
  • Pricing
    We don't do body shopping, you pay for solution. Initial consulting and problem analysis is for free, after that we will make you an offer.


Improve customer retention using Big Data like Showmax did

Data streaming pipelines
We optimized data streaming pipelines so that we can create visualizations, analytics dashboards and begin feature engineering to describe and explain customers’ behavior.
Machine learning model for Churn prediction
We analyzed online data and developed a machine learning model for churn prediction which can be used to drive marketing strategy and improve customer retention.
Natural language processing
We created a natural language processing tool, which is capable of turning video tags into new clusters and features which can be used for AI algorithms and customer profiling.

We helped Legito to get strategic insights from their SaaS platform

Data strategy consulting
We provided consulting services regarding data strategy and infrastructure changes which will maximize utilization of the contract data.
Analytics modul for contract data
We developed an analytic module for the Legito platform which extracts, transforms and visualizes data from contracts so that it is possible to get important insights about clients and improve strategic decisions.

ecomail.cz needed to find out why customers unsubscribe from their newsletter

We provided data science services regarding unsubscribe prediction based on the customer behavioral data. We conducted a comprehensive study of what behavioral features are important and three prototypes of the best performing machine learning models.

Improve your product search using Data Science like europosters.eu did

We helped with segmentation and optimization of product tags and categories based on the transactional data. We conducted a comprehensive study of how the existing content personalization engine can be improved and a clustering model prototype.


Would you like to try something for yourself? We will be happy to speed you on your way. Try our AI templates - available on GitLab!


Powered by Insights is a growing B2B network of freelancers and SMEs focusing on the application of artificial intelligence and data science techniques. We combine the experience of senior domain experts with an agile startup-like approach to deliver first-class research and consulting services for e-commerce, online platforms, IoT companies and industries which are dealing with a large amount of data. Do you want to know more? Reach out to set up a meeting!

Ondrej Kopicka

Ondrej Kopicka, Founder & CEO

Ondrej is focusing on the artificial intelligence for more than a five years. He utilizes the knowledge and experience he gained at Charles University in Prague and in the Honeywell Prague labs where he helped with the research of innovations and patented technologies. At Powered by Insights he specializes in data from online platforms and IoT devices.



Abradatas is a young Czech company led by Jakub Dostal. They focus on applying mathematics and data science in a large variety of industries. Jakub has a background in Bayesian statistics and mathematical modeling, which he has used to help the company Solar Global Energy with their intra-day trading on energy markets.



Ecommerce-Academy is an initiative of several Czech marketing experts, aiming to help e-commerce businesses via a series of workshops focused on such topics as attribution modeling, customer analytics, branding, experimenting and AI in e-commerce.


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