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Powered By Insights transforms Data into Value


Know your customers better than they know themselves

Predict your customers’ behaviour

Discover new opportunities


Transform unstructured text into something meaningful

Identify the key elements in the messages

Understand the mood of your customers


Automate your product

Optimise your resources

Detect failures before they happen

Data-driven online service

So you have an online service and a ton of data. Great! We will help you create a data strategy!

Using services such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka/RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL, we can engineer new features which interpret the behavior of your users to help you drive your business decisions.

We can develop analytical and machine learning algorithms in Python and R to help you with problems such as Churn Prediction, Content Recommendation and many more!

Natural language processing

So you are trying to deal with a lot of text data. Congratulations! Let's analyse your text data potential!

With Python and tools such as the Natural Language Toolkit and word embedding, we can turn messy text into meaningful structures.

We can develop a system that has ability to help you understand and classify your users based on the text they write!

Autonomous systems

So you are playing with robots and other stuff which use sensors to determine their next actions. Cool! Let's do rapid prototyping!

With robotic simulators and mathematical modeling in R or Python, we can engineer new smart prototypes which will make your IoT more autonomous and efficient.

We can develop predictive and prescriptive algorithms for your devices using neural networks and online learning to make your customers happy!


Powered by Insights will help you with the business analysis, engineering and research and prototype Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Business analysis

The first thing to do is get insights from data and create an ontology so that we can create a precise plan for leveraging Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We will help you describe your processes and create a metric so that you can transfer abstract business goals into precise states and variables defined by data


Data-driven technologies are demanding in terms of memory and computing power. We will help you to get your infrastructure ready

After that, we will design ETL pipelines which turn raw data into features that are usable in predictive and machine learning algorithms. You will be able to unleash the potential of your data

Data Science and AI prototyping

This is where the real fun begins! The essential task in each case is to engineer features which yield information that is correlated with abstract business problems

Then we will explore several mathematical models to find out which one is the best at addressing the problem. After that we will use our state-of-the-art framework to tune the parameters of the model so that it meets your needs


Showmax is an internet TV service (subscription video on demand). Showmax focuses on local content and partnerships with local telcos to beat such companies as Netflix and Amazon Video.
A quickly growing business that needs a perfect understanding of its customers to deliver an experience better than its competitors. We helped to achieve that during collaboration lasting more than a one year.

The first thing to do was to adjust data streaming pipelines so that we could create visualisations, analytics dashboards and begin feature engineering to describe and explain customers’ behaviour.
After that we analysed online data and developed a machine learning model for churn prediction which can be used to drive marketing strategy and improve customer retention.
During the process, we also created a natural language processing tool and ontology, which is capable of turning video tags into new clusters and features which can be used for AI algorithms and customer profiling.

Legito is a legal-tech platform for customised contracts and legal templates. Legito collaborates with law firms and entrepreneurs to reduce costs connected to repetitive work in legal procedures.

We provided consulting services regarding data strategy and infrastructure changes which will maximise utilisation of the contract data.
After that we developed an analytic modul for the Legito platform which extracts, transforms and visualise data from contracts so that it is possible to get important insights about clients and improve strategic decisions.

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